Pedestrian Mayhem (Caution Personal Rant)

“Excuse me,” “Sorry” are words I seem to say frequently when walking highway like  city centre footpaths. 

Now it’s not that I want to be rude and just nudge people out of the way…but I know I’m often too apologetic and over forgiving (Way over) to those who just don’t keep an eye on where they’re going.

Like should I say sorry when a gentleman walks towards me with his eyes glued to his phone like a bee buzzing over honey? Okay, he might be making a vital decision, like whether to swipe right or left on tinder, nonetheless should it not be he who’s apologetic for walking straight into me?

Maybe, I should tell him to watch where he is going and take that dirty look off his face!

Like, does he not know he’d be breaking the law in China…

Fortunately, in a moderate town (where luckily live) one can swerve around these pedestrians who are literally walking all over the place but, in a city a human high street pedestrian crash is inevitable. And regrettably it’s never going to be like that Hollywood rom-com where a guy accidentally bumps into a woman and as they pick up their papers from the ground their eyes meet and guess what it’s love at first sight…trust me, I bump into people everyday and I’m still single.

No, the truth is, if involved in the catastrophic collision you’re going to be looked at as a fool, and a clumsy fool at that. Hey, what’s worse than a clumsy fool?..It’s being seen as a creep, a clumsy creep, who collided with people on purpose–No I’m not clumsy creep…just a creep!

A bigger question is why do I apologise when it’s not my fault? I guess it’s an over politeness that’s been driven into me since I was a child. An over politeness, that drives me mad when I say “Oh sorry” or “Excuse me” when it’s the grump that walked into me that should say it.

Like, sometimes, rarely, I see a guy walking towards me, on a narrow footpath and I feel we’re playing chicken. That we both want to hold our ground, waiting for the other to give way. #NeverSurrender

And when one manages to safely avoid aggressive pedestrians in a city,  there’s cyclists who think they’re the environment friendly King of both road and FOOTPATHS! 

Like, would you be well? 

Oh, life’s tough for a casual poleite pedestrian….

I’ll stop now. My over the top rant is over…for now.

How are you?

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