Razzie Dazzie

It’s nearly two month since we lost our delightfully crazy, little bugger named Razzie Dazzie! Her racing name was Silver Razldazl.

She had been all herself, a happy go lucky greyhound, until one day a series of grave uncontrollable fits hit her. Sadly, these fits would eventually result in Razzie Dazzie being put to sleep and out of hardship.

Her bubbly friendliness during her racing career and her time as a retiree leaves us with something amiss in our kennels now.

The exuberant black greyhound bitch, which use to joyously dance around the place, was bought by me at a Sales at Thurles Greyhound Stadium back in June 2015. The truth is it wasn’t till I returned home with her that I realized that she was quite petite and would usually be the smallest dog in her races! Nonetheless, when racing she was genuine and determined to give her all when in battle with her bigger rivals!

She Loved Racing

Unfortunately, her racing career would be cut short by illness, she would only grace the track to race 13 times, a short career, yet it included one rather special gift, a win in a 570 yards race in Tralee before Christmas.

She really loved her racing and would tear into the car to travel to the track and would likewise; all by herself, walk into the traps in anticipation of a race! Some people don’t understand that most greyhounds love racing, there a completive species born to run!

Seizures Hit

One day, when approaching 3 years of age Razzie Dazzie would have her first Seizure. And it was a bad one, I can vividly remember it being bad, it’s an action outside both the dog’s and owner’s control which made it such a harrowing experience. In the immediate aftermath of the seizure she would lose her balance, and seemed in confusion as to where she was.

Back to Normal

However, she would recover and quickly seem back to full health and content but a few days later another attack would occur and her vet would put her on tablets in a hope to cease the fits.

The treatment would work for a while but six months later the attacks would start again.

Her Problems Return

Her tablets would be changed to a different kind which was believed to be stronger. However, this time her vet was not as optimistic. Nevertheless, the new tablets would work, seizures stopped and she would seem her normal self a week after. And yet again she would recover and be as happy as Larry!

But two months ago, the tide turned and tablets could no longer control the seizures. And she was, once more having seizures regularly and what was more horrifying was she was hurting herself whilst having these Seizures.

So sadly last month she was put to sleep.

Rest in Peace Razzie Dazzie. 

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