So I Quit!

So, I have the free time to write here again. Did you miss me dear blog? Can you forgive for being away so long?

On the subject of free time, it’s a plus having more spare time, isn’t it? I need pluses after quitting my last job!

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”
― Marthe Troly-Curtin.

I’m Back!

I quit and while I feel like leaving my last position was definitely the right choice, it leaves me in an awkward place again. Once more, I am in the midst of what to do with my life.

Taking the Marketing Assistant job was part of getting something out of life—as motivators say “Make something of yourself.” I wished for it to give so much, to allow me to feel like a good 9 – 5 person, to fit in, to not feel awkward when asked that popular question: “What do you do?” a question that everyone seems to ask when you’re not working.  An extreme example of the awkward moments this question creates is how a relative asked me would I take off to Oz to get work…the fact that I had been diagnosed with a serious brain tumour only a year earlier had been forgotten. Meaning no harm, people think you’re either seriously sick or fine, blind to the in-betweens. 

Blind to the in-betweens

I had told my last employer about the problems my cancer had left me with, yet he never remembered the simple things I had told him would help me work better with him. He didn’t care. He just wanted the most he could get out of what he saw as a cheap employee.

I had long realised the bosses inability to relate to my problems, and hence, it wasn’t a surprise when he left off his anger at me the day I left…He was angry because I had simply told him I couldn’t do something… The fortunate thing about it was that his temper gave me the power to leave, something good in me said: F**K This You’re Better Than This.

I was getting very little out the job, and the boss wanted more, that was the problem. 

One major thing, I would advise anyone is to find a place with only one person directly over you — I had a married couple disputing what I should and shouldn’t do, it drove me mad.

The couple once debated my wages, one thought I was being overpaid…It resulted in my wages being decreased. It was a hint that I had taken the wrong path.

Looking to the Future

Anyways, I have an interview for a new job tomorrow, a new opportunity and something better. 

Wish me luck!

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