Got to Keep Going

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So, three job rejections walked into my email last week (Is there really any such thing as third time lucky???). The trio of, “unfortunately we will not be pursuing your interest at this time” arrived almost in sequence as if word got out that Christopher is on the prowl. I won’t lie,  each one came with a head underwater effect.

One of the major problems may be that a lot of the positions I apply for are media-related, an area which is indeed not full of opportunity.  In truth, I have applied for media jobs which, to be honest,  are positions I  am often dubious as to my ability to succeed in.

In addition, as someone after battling  cancer I am often fearful of the growing tendency for  quantity to outweigh quality;  especially when the job adverts come with the words “fast-paced”  or”Competitive environment.”

And yet, with all the doubt, I suppose, the only thing one can do is keep going, dreaming of that perfect position or any position…

Anyways, as it is the start of a new week, I’ll get all positive and send my cv running to more jobs.

I have a coffee downed now, and as they say in the boxing ring, I’m “Ready to rumble”…rumble on!

Got to keep going.

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