IF I Had Cash – Some More Cash!

Once upon a time, long long ago my bank account was not in arrears like it seems always to be these days – damn these days!

“These Days,” I enter an amount to withdraw, and I cross my fingers, and dance if it’s not already in overdraft.

And it’s days like this, days where I come close to splashing some cash that I hate my bank account most; it’s an antagonist to having fun!

And it’s days like this that regret not using my mother’s view: “Spend, Spend, and God will Send.”

Oh I once lived by that saying, but nowadays I have begun to think that God doesn’t work this way.

I suppose I should say why I am ranting, Well firstly, I rant a lot and tis like a hobby. Secondly, I have turned down a night at a Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert…

I’m still calculating the cost of that ticket I’ve been be offered and look somewhat distantly into the distance and Say ” If one did this and that one could maybe, just about afford….Nah I can’t!

After all, I am looking for a room in Galway to do me, Masters! And that ain’t cheap, and even if you have money, it’s still hard to get a “Dacent” place.

Cash can be a bitch, but yet we all want some.



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