One wrong step makes long walks

It was midnight.  The darkness was almost blinding, but the silence  I gently broke with a rustle of the pebbles  as I walked towards her white marble headstone. I was here again, sneaking in, to once more say sorry. Maria Julia Browne died on the 14th July 1996, young and beautiful.

“ I didn’t mean it.”

“Oh you meant it kid, you meant to kill my kid,”  said a voice I once knew well.,

I turned to say I didn’t, that I was a child too, that I didn’t understand, but a bullet hit  me between  my eyes.  

I fell  upon his daughter’s grave. I whispered to her for the final time.

‘‘I’m sorry, through life, through death, I will always be sorry.’’

“Get off her grave you rat, you fucking rat.”



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