Book Review: Stardust by Neil Gaiman


I was browsing through my favourite Irish Bookshop – Chapters in Dublin City – when I spotted a name, a novelist which I have heard so much about but had never read, that novelist was Neil Gaiman– recently I studied the works of the legend Terry Pratchett.
The novel which I spotted was the 1999 Stardust.

Stardust begins in ” The Sleepy English Countryside….” which is the location of a tiny, serene town named Wall.
The protagonist of the story is young Tristan Thorn who loses his heart and possibly a portion of his sanity, in his attempt to capture the love of Victoria Forester.

Here’s the thing though, Victoria isn’t that keen on Tristan –oh don’t we all know how that feels!

Like so many a person, Tristan is a dreamer and he tells his crush all the things he would do to capture her heart.

And somewhat lightlyTristan tells her that he would capture a falling star for her, and guess what, Victoria, being a little too pragmatic tells him that if he captures the falling star she will give him her hand in marriage.

So Tristan vows to retrieve the fallen star for his beloved.

There was no Tinder in the Victorian era…

So , the classic duo of romance and fantasy, some may frown but there is a good reason why love is such vital part of most fantasy novels…It’s always popular, love is on everyone mind.

Hence, I have no arguments with the simple subject of the novel . However, while Stardust is a beautiful fairytale, it didn’t surprise me. I found the book very predictable – I had no tingly feeling at any moment, no shock!

I did find the start enticing, you know the kind of story that has you reading in the loo! But this feeling did not last.

The early chapters were written beautifully and Gaiman’s vocabulary frequently had me reaching for my dictionary. And the end was amiable But the middle was just a little boring for me and there was no surprising twist, but all was a little predictable.

All in all, I would give the book 3 Stars!

Last words: The story is not unforgettable.

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