When Summer says hello to Ireland

The thing about Ireland is Summer is a bit like Christmas…I’ll explain later.

One simple forecast of good weather – ” Tuesday will be a warm, bright, sunny day”  – and people take to streets in celebration,  the President of the country  is likely to mention ”the warmth” in the news and suddenly we take a like to a biteen of Irish trad music.

And,  of course, the presenter that predicted ”This good spell” is heralded as a hero!

The reason for all this is? Good weather is rare in Ireland, may only call to Ireland  once a year.

So when it comes and pays a visit it must be celebrated!

Work in offices ceases early,  our guards suddenly become kinder, neighbours become friendly and those  that control our cities are …Only for one day…. Seen as a part of nature.

And this fortunes time for the pigeon may come because when Irish  people get good weather we get in touch with nature – for example, we take to the nearest beer garden.


And everyone orders a Bulmers cider or in my case a Cidona!

And this is all because  we the people of Ireland know that  Summer sunshine  may only come to our Emerald [frequently soggy]   Isle once a year.

The Corrs even wrote a Song about Summer Sunshine in Ireland.


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