When your mouth won’t shut….it may be a good thing.

I’ve noticed something about myself, if somebody I trust gives me the opportunity, any minute opportunity to unlock the stories imprisoned within me ….I tell too much. It’s key to note it’s not that I believe that I’ve revealed too much, but how I somehow reconstructed a chit chat.to a heavy story.

Last night, I knew I was probably telling too much but the thing is a release is always a little pleasing – yet I always feel somewhat guilty. The recent blues that escaped were old,  very old, from my childhood.

The story was about a Halloween horror [a car crash]. Of course, for me  to release  I must feel that somehow my friend wants or somehow has offered to hear these issues….Even though I find it hard to see why they would.

However uncomfortable,  I do believe in the saying: ”a problem shared is a problem halved!” So when I had a conversation about the crash I talked a little about things that I frequently internally thought about. You know them thoughts that keep one awake at two in the morning – an internal discussion that tends to drag me down, hence the reason I do be slow to share.And that is probably why frequently when asked ”Them questions” I shut doors” ” Lock Gates” or simply go mute.

The truth is when I feel personally high I want to fly, but when falling I like the idea of a carrying a parachute!  I  suppose spotting the lows is a vital skill, If down I usually hide my problems.

Finally, this piece isn’t personal, the fact is we all have words to speak or problems we need to share. To be naturally happy you have to release – as a psychologist might say releasing the demons!

After I had released, I felt Better, Calmer and happier 🙂  So I suppose the moral of this story is that we have to share problems – by that I mean not only  to speak out but to listen.

Possibly the key is to keep a balance….


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