Movie Review: Creed

Movie: Creed
Starring: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Ras, Anthony Bellew
Director: Ryan Coogler
Genre: Sport Drama

I walked in the doors of the Cinema Screen with a large popcorn, a large drink, but only a regular expectation. Creed is a spin off of the Rocky Series and the first one where Stallone doesn’t actually enter the ring…he doesn’t throw a single punch! Yes I was shocked too. Maybe this is because the new upcoming underdog Adonis “Donnie” Johnson Creed is the boxer this time round.

In the opening scenes  Johnson’s  tough upbringing is portrayed ( This I feel is a method that is over played in Hollywood). And we watch how his mother in law arrives, Apollo’s widow, who takes in Adonis as a child following the death of Adonis’ biological mother.      Then the film jumps forward to today where to be fair, he does seem to have a good job and a stable life, but he wants more….Don’t we all.

So we watch him departs Los Angles, and moves to Philadelphia  to seek the man who took the World title of his father Apollo Creed.  When he finds the aging Rocky the audience instantly realises what is  about to happen.

Off course the “Italian Stallion” announces that boxing is behind him….But he inconceivably […Sarcasm?]  decides to come to the aid, once more, of the underdog! And what the viewer discovers is outside the ring Rocky is fighting too….

The problem with this is it’s predictability.  We know that Johnson is going to take flight to the top. We know that there will no doubt be some inspirational lines that Stallone can deliver with excellence, and I can’t blame any of the actors they all done….a decent job.

The weakness of Creed is in the storyline,  that I feel is poor and predicable.What bugged me most is how the characters  were almost cartoon like. And by that I mean that new characters like Johnson had no strong foundation. They seemed like actors, not characters that gripped all of our attention.

Stallone has his criticsbut like other critics I do see him in this a the spark of light in a under the weather back street alley.

In short, It was very average.  Creed is worth a watch if your a Stallone fan but otherwise……





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