New Year Blog Resolutions

It’s 2016 and I’ve decided to share my blog’s New Year resolutions!

1) Stop making careless mistakes in my pieces–no more forgotten and’s, if’s or a’s! I have an awful habit of skipping words when thinking quicker than my chubby little hands can type and, as a result, creating mistakes by leaving out simple words. So I must re-read and re-read and maybe re-read!

2) My Blog Whispered Words became increasingly dusty during the latter stages of 2015, Therefore, my plan for 2016 is too create at least one post a week! So if I’m not seen around here, knock on my blog door somebody! Don’t let me go missing.

3) Finally, I believe that my blog frequently tends to go a little impersonal which is definitely a mistake seeing as it’s my own personal blog! Consequently, I aim to revise the style used and bring a little more ‘Me’ into my blog.

Oh and if you  fancy following me on Twitter, I can be found here.


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