2015 You Were Good To Me

My life has been tested over the past couple of years but I feel the path is getting a little less rocky and my hope for 2016 is to keep going in the right direction. I still look back but the important thing is that I am looking forward more.

It was early Thursday, December 31, 2015, and I was travelling on a train on route to a new year’s celebration when my mind thinks about how a lot has changed since two years ago.

At that exact time 2 years prior I was recovering from a serious operation, yet I was happy (even though I carried many problems, some I had yet to realise). On the same day 2015, I was also happy but a more solid happiness if that is understandable.

On new year’s eve, 2013 I l sat a little excited on my hospital bed. I can hear a reader question the line ‘‘ a little excited on a hospitable bed,’’ but I had good reason to be happy, even a little excited– it was the day the doctors were allowing me to go home. My dad and sister were arriving that afternoon to take me home….and I had never wanted to be home more!

In Cork University Hospital I had been treated fantastically and still today I can remember the kindness that most of the staff showed (not all) when I needed it and I definitely needed it. Yet I never craved home or my family more. You see I had spent Christmas in the intensive care unit of the hospital, so in short I saw being let home as a gift. My home I saw as safe and family could protect me. When in hospital family calmed me and helped me through the fear I had. Looking back, I understand that I did not recognise the tasks and tests that would occur due to the cancer I had. I think that was a good thing as maybe not knowing everything is sometimes best.

So that night that was new year’s eve, I was home again and went to bed early and slept my way into the year ahead– which included radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and the regular answer of ‘’I’m doing okay.’’ The two years since have seen lows and highs, challenges and celebrations– a personal statement that I feel near everyone experiences at a certain point in life.

2016 I rang in with friends– and I think since the prior events of the time in Hospital, moments with friends have almost become somewhat invaluable. Friends can drag a down in the slumps mood back to that place that is defined, if not happiness, as contentment. I think that’s why we all need friends and of course family. And both have been good to me in recent times.

As I have seen my health improve, the completion of my College education, and receiving my first job in media as an editorial assistant, because of which I must mark 2015 as being a fine year.

And therefore, 2016 all I ask of you is to be a fine year too!


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