Guess Who’s Back Again?

I’m the real Chris

You can’t get me off this

I’m the real Chris…..
Yes, that is my personal attempt at an Enimen  style rap via the buttons of this keyboard that I am now writing upon.

Well, Christmas has come and gone.

Oh tis the Season of High and low’s LaLa lala la lala la!

Christmas Eve and we – that  means me and my dad- were left stranded in a Tesco Carpark …..Tragedy!

The Car ….a Skoda (Shame on you Skoda) wouldn’t start and was very committed to it’s strike!

So what did we do you? Well the family 999 line was called. However,  only one did answer, that was my sister sheila (she ain’t no mechanic). Hence, we left the car behind and jumped into my sisters slay in a not so jolly journey home.

Nevertheless, Christmas Day  which we spent at Gran’s did go well and did indeed help us recapture the Christmas Spirit!

In short we had a Savage Turkey!

PS. The Skoda has not come home yet!


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