KnocK Knock

It’s late in the night and someone is knocking at your door?

You answer, of course, don’t you?

Or do you?  Did you know somebody was calling?

Did they not knock a little hard?

It’s 1035 at night – Isn’t that a little late?

Oh though it could be…..

Would you answer is not the question I’m asking.

It is how sensible is simply answering the door? Or it is less wise not too?


Last Friday night the Late Late Show, on RTE covered the alarmingly and escalating issue of rural crime. The troubling issue was debated by a panel that consisted of Clonmel Solicitor Kieran Cleary- who represented the Corcoran family in the recent court case which saw the jailing of seven men for aggravated burglary on their home- Mairead Lavery of the Farmers Journal and Paul Williams Crime Correspondent of the Irish Independent.

We heard how the rural town of Littleton, Tipperary, had been tormented by crime during recent years. Viewers watched brave members of Littleton community as they told harrowing stories of the impact crime gangs have had on the area.

A certain grave story was how one women’s house was robbed while she was working in her back garden. Valuable elements of Life – metaphorically swiped under her nose.

When one contemplates such issues they must remember how the Government in recent times has continuously cut numbers of local Garda in .rural Ireland.

Gardai Stations of villages and small towns have increasingly been vacated during the recent recession. Hence, increasingly rural areas are becoming more remote- elderly are living lonely lives where they feel isolated in an increasingly precarious environment.

If you live in a rural location when is that last time that you visited an elderly neighbour? Alternatively, from a different perspective do you possibly feel secluded in an increasingly dodgy environment?

I would question whether the strength of communities is being somewhat diluted in the modern era. The rural community once was deemed as very stable – a feeling of local security, but this ever more been tested in recent times.

Before doors of the countryside weren’t locked- they most definitely are now!

Finally, I ask – which is safer now- an urban city or a rural countryside? In history, people would choose possibly rural Ireland – believing it to be a calm and passive area.

Isn’t the rural, low populated countryside of Ireland safe?However, that aura of the safe countryside is shifting, if not deceased.Many communities are being invaded and rummaged by malicious  gangs.If somebody drove into your farm at night what would you too? Leave valuable elements be taken simply away, or would you be brave or possibly foolish, and interrupt the robbery?

Many countryside areas Gardai are often over a half hour and criminals know this.

Knock Knock?

Who’s  there?

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Follow Me On Twitter @SirChrisDaRebel


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