Terrorism: Humanity’s Dark Cloud

france Eiffel Towers

Do you ever watch the news and judge humanity?

As in judging the creatures of this breed that we all are!

Somewhat seems that Life of a human could occasionally be defined as: Horrific, Brutal and Evil!

Yes, I know that there is so much good in this world.

Nevertheless, the stains seem to be increasingly smudging that wonderful picture.

Today, not good, but normality, seems to be tested constantly by elements of fear and terror.

In France last Friday people walked into certain areas and building to Terrorise and Kill innocent civilians!

The near insane, but unquestionable issue is that Humanity greatest danger is humanity itself.


Another difficulty occurring is how a number of people immediately throw blame. Widely around.

An Ideology which throws a wild undefinable blame on a certain religion or race – a problem of course that has haunted civilisation throughout history.


The people of the world must stay together – that is our greatest test and I believe our greatest strength.

Our Earth is ripe with flowers – we shall not decay!

One day may we Evergreen!


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