My Self Confessions

My Confession Box

Who is my inappropriate Crush?

Well, I blush and admit that my most recent – I do have quite a few -is Hermione Granger- I mean Emma Watson.

What can one say – she’s just got that magic!

But, the most inappropriate crush I had was on a secondary school teacher – I thought I loved French, but it was just her!

What uncool song is a guilty pleasure of mine?

Firstly, I have been into ‘’ uncool ‘’ songs for most of my life!

But, maybe the one I would hide a little is this tune!

What childhood memory makes me cringe?

Oh there is quite a few that made me cringe!

But, one that I remember as a more awkward moment is  when I was ten and I wore a woolly fleece to school – the teacher said remove that Jacket!  The only problem was  that had nothing under the jacket!

Do I have a secret talent?

I can Scream at an incredibly high pitch…..I should have become an Opera Singer!

What would I tell my 16-year-old self?

Stand Up for yourself! To read away more!

Be a little more confident,

That I should be the one that chooses the path of my life!


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