Twitter Troubles

I think some will understand  what I’m on about!

My Twitter account can be often such a lonely and grave place.

Like an avalanche of serious negativity.

Don’t get me wrong I like Twitter, but it’s  a serious sister  of a more friendly FaceBook!

Everyone’s had a bit of FaceBook, your granny, your second cousin, even your son that’s yet to be conceived is on Facebook!

Your next door neighbour is on FaceBook, or BookFace as a friend calls it!

But, they might not be on Twitter.

And that fact, you may or may not be glad of!

It’s Simply like FaceBook is family dinner while Twitter is a more organised, more, angry and serious avenue of communications and debate.

Both of are needed.

However, FaceBook is a buddy, while Twitter is an acquaintance.

And off course WordPress is my Bestie/Counsellor!

Follow me on my Awkward Twitter Page @SirChrisDaRebel


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