Short Story – Star Signs

931556-amazing-antarcticaSlyly I rummaged through the back pages of wrinkled up yesterday paper- searching for Leo

‘’Do you believe in Star Signs?’’ a friend asked.

With my mind befuddled and cheeks blushing just a tad, I announced with an over the top fake laugh.

‘’ I do in my….’’

She replied ‘’ I love them too’’

And took the paper and looked upon Aries.

A smile being gently carved as she read.

‘’ Hmm mine’s interesting ….’’ She said

‘’Apparently I have to find a love that is around the corner. That an admirer is waiting for me’’

Again I stated with a little too much sarcasm ‘’ Oh, maybe that’s the guy that you flirted with while getting that coffee’’ She raised her eyebrows to the heavens. Then I added ‘’ you know tis kind of weird the way he is staring at you come over there’’

She smiled.

‘’ Oh, Is he really?’’

I gave a genuine giggle, ‘’ Well I think he did or maybe he actually walked straight out’’

‘’ Ugh ….Asshole’’ she said as she looked behind her and, saw an empty table across the café.

‘’Sorz’’ I said sarcastically while gladly failing to hide my grin.

What did your star signs say anyway Mr. I  do in my ……..’’ she asked with a stern stating of the last two words.

‘’ Oh that I’m blinded  by a self-allusion  and that I should admit to my soul that my true love is so near that my  love must be ignited or the opportunity  for love will drift, step by step, away’’

Together, we both instantly  burst into laughter.

And then the awkward silence…..


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