My First Celebrity Crush.

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

Never, never ever, at the time would I admit that it wasn’t the musical talent that attracted me.

But, I was a guy she was a girl! Can I make it any more obvious?

Her debut album was the first CD I ever had!

I liked the rebellious attitude of her lyrics.

I felt that she had the ability to identify my unique teenage problems.

I must admit I wasn’t a Skater Boy, but I loved the song.

Possibly I thought then that I may be not so cool, but give  me time and I’ll be a Superstar soccer player or something like that.

Memories flood me now of a 14-year-old me singing along, with emotional teen anger, to Losing Grip!!!

I was an angry adolescent.

Sometimes I think now that I’ve become an angry adult?

And then there was, Complicated.

It plays now as I write.

Ah, the memories ….I think we were in Love….Or should I say, I think I was in Love.

Ah long lost Love….

Till I enter YouTube and Knock once again on Avril’s door.

…..Did I hear that she’s  single again?

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