Ah Yeah Sure That Normal Around Here….LIKE ! [ I Added the LIKE Because I’m from Cork LIKE ]

Have you ever told a tale of something, which you find astounding or simply odd, and found yourself shocked to receive the response of ….Ah Ya Sure That’s Normal Around Here!


We finish jobs quick around here…….Or is this one of those regular tea breaks?


Ah Sure were as open about our Knobs and Knockers as you get in Ireland …LIKE!


Eh somebody didn’t want their face on camera….


To be fair you’d get worse on buses.

Picture 4

Obviously these sheep arnt a fan of a summer farm tan!


You can see the cow roaring ‘’ BANTEER LIKE’’

Pic 5

Ehh…no gloss over facts here ….LIKE!

Pic 8

Perfect example of the fairness ya find around! You could try LIKE…. But!


There’s a lot of horsing about around here…LIKE!


Thanks for reading…Like

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I’m Christopher…And I’m from Cork …LIKE!


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