Oh an Arts Degree….Hmm, what exactly would you get with that? …Eh

Oh an Arts Degree….Hmm, what exactly would you get with that? …Eh

I always find answering a question like that a bit of a tongue twister.

Sometimes I feel Media/ Arts jobs should be placed on a protected list.

And I’m your typical want to be a journalist/ Creative writer.

What have I got to back this ambition up …a typical Arts degree in English & History.

Arts Graduates – There’s a Lot of Us.

Indeed, Arts graduates can be seen regularly puzzled in the college aftermath- seeking work or doing a masters.

I considered a doing a masters I’m still considering whether I should do one.

See my preference is to work in Media, however, within the area jobs are rare….not as rare as pandas, but you know what I mean.

For instance an editor once replied

‘’ Unfortunately, due to cutbacks, we do not have a budget for freelance work at present and our staff levels are full. Journalism is a very difficult area at present in which to try and earn a living, but I wish you the best of luck and every good fortune in your career. ‘’

Now that was inspiration email to receive back!

Plus, you know what’s annoying about WordPress? It allows me to recognize that the world is full of extraordinary creative talent.

Maybe I Should Take Another Path

Second on my list ….If, you know a career in Media doesn’t work out, is a career in History…..Now there’s loads of jobs there …..Right?

Or maybe I’ll try Media again!

And Sure, I always have that unfinished novel.

PS. I Love Pandas.

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