House parties: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Students love house parties, there great (once there not in your house). But let’s say you’ve planned one for your house; well be prepared because they can be good, bad and outrageously ugly

There’s nothing like a good house party, they’re full of great craic and banter, if you’re blasting out the tunes or just chilling and having a good old slagging match. They are perfect opportunities to get know people, or if cupid’s arrow missed you last valentines a house party can be a brilliant spot to find a new, potentially, perfect partner.

But what about the Bad you ask? Well nobody may come; can you rock at house party solo? However that’s fairly unlikely to happen in the student world, something much worse, and a lot more common, is that too many may plan to party in your gaff. Oh you may think the more the merrier, well your soon going to find out you’re wrong.

Too many random people and your poppy house party can rapidly transform into a raunchy rave. You the host may lose control, to the mob and end up silently sitting in the loo waving your white flag of surrender

Plus if your party is wild, like the wild, wild west than there’s more of a chance of trouble, testosterone can take over and punches could be thrown.

Simply don’t invite anybody that has been known to cause trouble, you may feel rude, but it’s definitely more important to protect yourself. Unless you want to raise a toast to your deposit, which you might never see again.

Finally, you’ve had the good, the bad; well brace yourself here comes the ugly. When you party hard prepare to wake up to a few nasty surprises, such as puddle of vomit on kitchen floors or even worse some bodily fluids your meant to find the loo.

So still want to have that rocking house party?



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