Flash Fiction: Between Breaths


He could hear….Yes…. echoes Yes that was what he was hearing – as if the far distant was approaching. They were strangely not understandable.

He opened his eyes, or he tried to open his eyes. Blackness was all he could find, I’m blind his self-conscious mind realised .

A shriek panic erupted- in complete and utter silence. Then a voice unknown, in a undistinguishable dialect yet understandable announced, ‘’Calm down, you young puppy’’. It was such a tender voice, that a clam, tranquil voice answered –‘’ Okay’’.

‘’Goodness gracious, do you remember this?’’ said another, elder voice. ‘’Era I’m still young’’ – All laughed. He didn’t know why he laughed, he couldn’t clarify the warmth that had approached…camouflaged in his blindness.

‘’Welcome, Jeramiah’’.

‘’Where Am I? Please’’ asked Jeramiah

‘’ You are where you feel you are ‘’ One said before the other announced ‘’ My friend can be a bit puzzling, Indeed it’s his gift ’’ I would say this is home, this where you departed and this where you should indefinitely be’’.

Jerimiah’s thoughts announced internally that he was no genius, but that, where he was and how he indeed felt made no sense.

Be realising that he must be… ‘’ I’m in heaven’’, asked Jerimiah.

There was eruption of what Jerimiah perceived as gentle laughter.


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