Decent Book and a Cuppa Tae Can Make fine Day

Well its Friday, have you got that Friday feeling? You know like that Cadburys Crunchy Advertisement of the 80’s.

Ah the good old times the 80’s as Calvin said ”I’ve got Time for you if you were Born in the 80’s”. Have you incredible, celebrity like plans for the weekend? Well I haven’t, but, I am near the end of a novel – It’s been a slow read due to other time raking events, nevertheless, I’m nearly at the end, hoping for a head spinning mind twisting conclusion. The book is, One day, by David Nicholls

untitled. What makes the book unique for me is that it is not a fantasy book, but a book that I was advised to purchase by a friend in charity shop. So, it’s was 1 euro and it’s for charity so you know I bought. And one day a little bored I was, and I decided to give this book a chance. Its foundation is that every chapter covers the lives of two protagonists on 15 July, St. Swithin’s Day, for twenty years. And led me to investigate my own life and ask what I was doing on this day, the 14th of August 20 years ago? Truth it I haven’t a clue!  I do know I was seven, in my childhood heaven. When I was completely confident that I would be a Soccer Super Star! Ah the dreams of twenty years ago!

Anyways, my weekend will be spent reading the final chapters of One Day, hopefully a good weekend! Complete Review will be up next week!


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