A Song With That Something A Film That Moved Me , And Sevens Words of Everyday Thought!

A Song With That Something– Echosmith – Cool Kids

Catchy, is this song. Plus, don’t everyone at some stage want to be like the cool kids? Truth of course is that we can only be ourselves, that’s one of every individuals  greatest traits. #TrueIdenity

A Film That Moved Me- The Way

There is some films that can scare you to your wits end, many can make you laugh, but this movie was special because it made me think! It also showed me Camino of Santiago, portrayed perfectly how people do things for different reasons, and how so many are searching, in what looks like a treasured experience. Wishful, I certainly am, that one day I will experience this walk that is somewhat is undefinably invaluable, which the films portrays perfectly.

Sevens Words of Everyday Thought- 

Second-takes, Tested-ambitions, Stepping-stones, Natural.

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