2015 William English Greyhound Derby

wimbledon-traps1-628x285The lights were not on- but the performance of the pulsating night was glowing!

Wimbetion a stadium where doors can nearly be heard creaking for renovation, Nevertheless, we have seen so often that no special effects are needed to astound the audience.

I was watching in a near bookies, a Racing Post TV link, to the canine classic that is the William Hill Greyhound Derby.

The time was a little past 9.08 and we heard the call ‘’ The Hare is on move’’ from the silver tongued Errol of RPGTV.

And….Trap rise and out in front is….you see to commentate on a greyhound race you need to grasp of the rapid events, and therefore is Errol’s talent, he doesn’t give a lame, ‘’ Its Six from Two and four’’, no he takes an intake of breath and lets the exasperation of the event blast into the speaker.

Breathless by the pickup is the sign of quality.

Anyways, I back to the £250,000 480 metres.

‘’ It’s all about the break’’ is an anthem of opinion amongst greyhound racing enthusiasts, however, there has been so many exceptions to that rule that its importance must not be overvalued.

A Classic Example

All Are In

A roar erupted to such a volume that one could believe that the old, near antique, stadium had been refurbished, and now resembled a Rome Coliseum.

The trap rise and all dices have been rolled, but, they will roll for four bends.

Farloe Blitz the favourite was rapidly away. The mind is ready to call victory, but, a derby is not that predicable, its exhilarating flair is its unpredictability, anything could happen and in just 28 seconds there will be congratulations and commiserations.

Like all sports single event can have many stories.

As the finalists enter the back straight Owen McKenna’s plans seemed to be working to perfection. However, the derby is a battle and many were chasing his tail. Favourite backers cheer,but reality reads no script, judges no form.

Eyes cast back to Eden The Kid, but the night’s hero would take flight into the third bend and seize control. Rio Quattro’s night, his trainer and associates were going to achieve the prized trophy.

2015 was the Dan Riordan’s Year and we would be lucky to be gifted with the Performance of Rio Quattro, who was once 80-1 in the Ante Post.

A Gallant second was Patricks Cronin’s Tynwald Bish, and third went to the very young, rising star, Eden The Kid.

Marking The Card

The Story of Dan Riordan in the game for over 30 years is nearly heroic as he battled a stroke only last year to win the world’s richest greyhound race, and indeed carries the a strong message Never Give Up!


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