Priceless, A Death Without a Knock


Isn’t it a bit
Unamusing, the way
life walks by,
without a wave,
But, a silent goodbye.

Face faded
like a flower,
that never bloomed.
Eye’s on the mirror
Seek, but no peak, at a best before.

Oh Lord,what was it?
Forgive my wordless prayers.
I am regretful, of the blindness
to the light of your kindness,
hidden my trust, like a signature in dust.

Empty echoes, words of search
spinning the soul
of a lost mind.
What once was renowned
now declared unfound.

What was dignity has
departed, as a need is
now. Sanity with in, upon this
body in despair-Brain left
on a train, on track to desperation.

Mimed is the announcement
that the last stop is ahead
Ambitions now lost
Apologies now due, too deserted dream
so much past, little in

future. Deal made now.
Death and Life share a drink,
it is so natural morality
A shake hand-reality
Calmness as a Soul departs.


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