Is the question that arrived in my young adulthood.
An Awkward moment, often occurred, when I said, ‘Ah I don’t drink ‘. Suddenly, I appeared as possibly strange. And, I started to question whether I was, a little strange, on the Island named Ireland. You know, with all that exaggerated theme of the drunken Irish and Leprechauns.
As a teen, when somebody asked what are having dude? I would, glare into my vodka and coke, less the vodka, and announce, with shame, ‘’ Oh I’m just have a Pepsi’’. Instantly, the audience, engulfed in banter, is silenced.

Usually, frequently in my youth this got a laugh, ahead of a ‘’ SERIOUSLY man, what you’re having?’’
A minority would inflict upon me a series of Questions, with me supplying tentative indecisive answers. However, the majority, couldn’t care if I did or did not drink, they were going to get Langered! Which was grand – in fact, what I wanted.
• Langered a native Irish slang word for pissed or simply intoxicated.

Alternatively, there was the give it a go crew. These people were fine too, and I did often take the drink [Possibly soon passing it to a mate] Frequently, being asked ’’ well what ya think? Before adding a humorous, ‘’ Can we save you’’. Frequently, I smiled and laughed and ‘’ Eh, not just yet’’.
And No, I’m not saying all drinks taste quite bland and unsavoury to me, I’ve tasted some that I could say were alright- Just not appealing! However, often if I finished one drink it was often celebrated that I was near conversion….That I had been saved!
Consequently, I should state that off course when stating drink, I’m talking about alcoholic drinks –vodka, cider, beer etc!
And I should announce or preach, that my problem is why are people who don’t intake alcohol, are somewhat scrutinised, in the court of socialising by some who feel that the sober shall be jailed or tested?
Hence, drinking alcohol is generally not questioned, but if you don’t, some see you as a refugee amongst native drinkers! I know a little dramatic, but I felt, by some, not all, that you are somewhat a judged as abnormal.
In Addition, people generally accept that you don’t drink, nevertheless, one must have a reason?
Are you allergic? Oh can you not handle it? Were one of your family an alcoholic? Or are you just weird?
Off course, I would love to say I don’t have any reason, but that would a little lie.I do! Kind of, I’m not really sure!Like I didn’t drink on nights out in my late teens as I was nearly always the driver!
In my college years I was pushed more. One such rugby team house party I was severely questioned! I tried to avoid quizzing – but, unfortunately, one of the guests was like a social lecturer and on the discovery that it was  a Red Bull I had – would  decide to investigate.

The investigater announced his judgement that I was a freak and had no place at such a party! Fortunately that night the party organiser announced ‘’ Man, his Life, his choice!’’

Basically, what I’m wishful of being a situation where not drinking isn’t questioned, and possoble just accepted! Like saying you’re allergic to mushrooms.

I feel ,I must state that I actually love the fun and entertainment one can have at bars and parties, and I must admit that my own friends, who like their drink, accept that I  don’t drink  and more importantly it wasn’t a factor that I  didn’t drink!

To conclude, I should state that if somebody you know doesn’t want to drink, don’t peer pressure them! Or if you fill that you don’t want, or just don’t feel like drinking on a certain night don’t drink.

Finally, I once was on a college mystery tour bus, and a large 2 litre bottle was  passed to me, an anthem of down ,down  was roared like an anthem – I didn’t drink, while they were shouting , but when they all gave up and  went uncover and took a large slug!

That drink was a horrible, disgusting mix of everything  that was cheap, and taste delightful- sometimes I go with popular opinion! But, it was a road trip, I did want to be somewhat adventurous…

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