Memories Of Carlow- Totes Yolo LoL Awkie Moments =Good TimesColle

welcomeTime in Carlow is nearly up- if it is not already. When the CAO (Central Admissions office) offered me a place in this small Carlow College [Also known as St. Patricks College] I knew little, if anything, about the place, which was to become my second home. What it would gift me is a second chance. Previously, I had been in IT Tralee and the place somehow, I don’t exactly know why, didn’t work- I often think that the place was simply too big! In short, Carlow was a small town- I nearly always knew where such and such a place was and you could nearly walk anywhere! Now don’t get me wrong the college had many faults, however, the college offered me so many opportunities too! It had so much, you know, banter-such as dressing as a pretty lady in the college play [ Dare I say, I looked well in that dress] and it was where I would become editor of the college’s first proper magazine -Paddy’s Spiel-named by my amigo Hooli! If you thinking of going to a college, and are possibly looking for one not dreadfully big or somewhat unhuman, a college where everybody in the class knows each other. Than I would most definitely recommend checking out Carlow College! Finally, it was a place where I made some great friends, something which we all know is invaluable! 11167660_1081511621875823_8847534357505731876_n399856_638883019472021_1131767008_n254229_547282128632111_1294360907_n163237_189013717792289_662504_n36282_189013824458945_4574021_n10487344_836270583086078_8939004061113278663_n


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