Well Have You Been Missing Me Blogmates!

I’m back! I here the roars of  Woop Woop [ Internally anyways]

I swear I have a doctor’s note and anyways I had my final Carlow College examinations  !….I may  finally be finished in  Carlow . I’ll be honest Carlow was an escape that I needed back in 2010. And as I had dropped out of the Institute of Technology in Tralee only 2 years  before undoubtedly I was sure people questioned  ”Why won’t he just get a job?” and of course I thought they may of been right! However, off course I was wrong! Nobody really considers another’s actions too  much [when there legal actions anyway] as this animal that we know as humanity is way too obsessed with there own perspectives and this how we all should be …too a degree! Basically, What I mean is when you make choices of which direction you want your life to take ,by a country mile , the most important  opinion is one’s own . Now I’m  not saying don’t seek advice ,but, remember it’s your life in which your  opinion is the most important when you are posed which life inevitable questions.

Anyways maybe I should of  just said Carlow you were the right choice


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