To Mother On Mothers Day

Whispered Words

Mother who’s always near
Apologies in advance.
Of a son seeking you
With a cry for mammies love.

As chubby cheeked child
Well-fed yet nourished with much more.
Hug me; hug me?
You did; Always did…

Now for me nights of sleep are often amiss
Fears internal, make one wishful of mams ‘’goodnight’’.
People preach of similarities in you and me
Maybe dreams can come true.

On bitter days
I look back for warmth
For Smiles and laughs
To our jiggles and giggles.

You ignited my imagination by fairy tales
For of Humpty I knew well
But to me dumpty never fell
Gift of yours was the beauty of a gentle lie.

Days like these
I wish a little more
To time travel
Into a missing happiness.

Oh Mother on Mother’s day
The Mind of mine muses
Over the kindest jewel
Missing you today like every other day.

Tears tis…

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