Jurys of Mistaken Judgement

Oh World of Wonder
Once home to people’s ponder
Where the host’s trust was a lust
On the Islands of love, the home of sinless doves
United by the fire of our one heart,
Today, quenched by our hero’s tears.

Science redefines a Land of man
A balanced world stolen by the climbers of a pyramids
Strategies for success create conflicts in nature’s nest
Souls searched for light,
Saviour from the horrors of a life so dim
Surrounded by daggers, now belief has taken flight.

Echoes of Sin on the paths of the lost
Shouting soulless wishes from bloody throats
Trust so quickly sold for a win.
Happiness redefined
As civilisation now searches for a $mile
Society locked by chains as microscopic scissors trims creativity .

Now a mapped race of life
In once nurturing world
Forgive us whom are lost
We can reignite
Don’t give in, don’t fight.
Hope we, you and me, can see.

Mistaken, souls haven’t been lost
Just drawn down a dark sugar coated red brick road
Where sins be sold by demons and foes.
Free the thoughts of innocence
See the forgiveness of gentleness
Softness captures even the mightiest might.

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