Ah Here This Way Too Awesumming For A Gramitically Correct Title ….Apologies WordPress


It’s me ! Again! What am I going to rant on about today!  Well lets be honest with you ,I really have no plans for this piece  and  its now  12.51 am ! My mind would be very moody if I attempted to stick it into gear. # HalfAsleep

Oh I was thinking I could tell you things I liked about today ( In Truth the day thats just gone )  like it was a good one !  There was way more smiles than frowns , Now that’s always a good sign.

Oh there   is 2 guys shouting outside my home . I presume their drunk ,well I hope they are  for they  do seem obsessed with mumbling nonsense . A well  there  having what seems to be a drunken debate …..Reminds me a lot of the Irish Parliament  By the way I must make a correction — there is three gentlemen outside the window.  #NearlyFullyAsleep

Anyways back to the late night sloppy writing  that late night blogs of mine regularly feature. What was I on about ?  Oh yeah three things that were wonderful ,admirable , awesome — Forgive my late over  ambition to have gratitude for the good things of  of today that was actually yesterday.

Anyways one of the goodie things that happened was that I was delivered/presented  with a late Christmas present , It was too lovely  thoughtful gifts one was a Mug. Not just any mug however it was a  amusing and unfortunately correct mug ….it was a Mug for Mr .Messy  aka  Me. And the truth is I am  So So So  + One more needlessly used So Messy!!!, However I do clean ! Nevertheless later the same day my world  suffers an avalanche which always leaves myself and my surroundings covered in 21st century muck.

Update: The 3 drunk men have departed the estate it seems .However a woman did give a roar of anger from far …hopefully anyways…far far away.

Anyways back to the gifts ,of which I’m extremely grateful to receive. She, I should mention her name shouldn’t I ? Hmm , she is Rachael – Class colleague, friendly friend and the citizen whom plans to takeover the world ( And believe me she probably will ) gave me a notebook .However, guess  what ? Its a mug with Paris artistry  and had a  page of really funny comment inside .

So if Rachael is really bored and reads this…..Thanks Amigo!

So now I could keep with tradition and write 2 more good things that happened today but my late night mind is constantly whispering ” me so sleepy ”.

So I leave my random /typing to myself finish!

* I fell asleep last night and this fabulously piece is only being published now

* I noticed while re-reading that I seem really happy last night  ….how am I so grumpy today than eh?

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