See Yourself

You look through the window
See the girl
As she slides
Down the slope
To where evil hides
She fails to see hope.

You touch the glass
Want her to see that there’s more
You want to hold her, tell what she deserves to be told
That her every heart beat is
Precious, Precious, Precious.

You try to scream to her, she can’t hear
She is lost; she thinks there’s nobody there
Searching for the dreams
That are so close, there at her fingertips
Hidden behind her problems
Those dreams are eclipsed
But she could still reach the stars
Hurt now, you know, you see the scars.

Friends and family reach out
You cry out for her to listen
Beg her to try
Your heart breaks
As you see her stumble
Take another tumble.

You see her shoulders ache
Weight of the world
Facing another heartbreak
She downs another bottle,
Determined to live life full throttle
Hoping her blues will drown
Racing down that destructive path
She can’t stop
Chasing highs to escape the lows.

You see caring friends throw her a rope
But she’s cutting all ties
Accuses them of lies
As if she wants to fall
You want to hug her, save her
Ask why? How could she not care
How can’t she see
Truly that this way
She cannot stay.

You plead that dark days don’t last forever
She has to fight
Even when that narrowing tunnel has no light
Yet she has no desire
Engulfed by the demons fire
Playing with the flames, to her its lustful games

The bottle begins to roll
The party slows; craziness begins to take its toll
You see her face
Much like your own except older
Worn like a faded picture
From a life that’s been torn.

You pray
She’ll last another year
Find somebody
Who cares
Can dry her tears
Will save her from the fall
A hero?

Then a spark flashes
Finally the bottle crashes
The glass smashes
The mirror shatters
It’s your life which is in tatters.

Twitter @SirChrisDaRebel


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