Not Our World

Camouflaged by cries and moans
In the middle of a hundred beds
You’re in pain
Too sad to even cry
Too weak to even try
Submerged in hurt, your heart sinks,

Make no sound
Knowing silence is best
Must stay hidden in this mess
A child’s soul silently shatters
Every day harder, every dawn a challenge
Dreamless nights, days of nightmares.

Malnourished, body and mind
Tummy rumbles, fingers fumble
A stumble and life tumbles
Any hope crumbles
You miss your Mom
Never told why and where she’s gone.

‘Mama Mama’ you wake
But mamma’s not there, frightened you remember
You’re actually here
A dad, you never had
A father is foreign to you
Like Christmas and birthdays
Smiles and laughs
Hopes and joys.

Your little brother lays next to you
So sick he looks older
He’s ill, but could be cured with a pill
Yet that will not come and one morning
He will lie so perfectly still.
You shiver as you touch his skin
So cold
He is scared
Tears slide silently down
Hungry hollow cheeks.

You watched greedy hands get passed dirty cash
They traded your sister
Grabbed by the wrist and now you miss her
A thousand miles away a rich man pays to kiss her
She’s a business man’s late night joy ride.

It’s a struggle for you to find hope
The emptiness gives no inspiration
Forgotten aspirations what is your future
Have you a future.

Far far away
A little child plays with a toy, made by a little boy
Society turns a blind eye.

Far far away
To our conscious we do lie.
A little boy walks to a window.

Looks up from down low
And wishes on a falling star
A Simple wish, but we are blind to this.

He wants us to remember where the unlucky are.
The whole world shares the same sky
But there is such a distance.

Too much between rich and poor
We distance them, it’s not our world.

It’s a Third World.


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