3 Things I Liked About Today

Well Yesterday wasn’t a great day for me there was few great moments ! Therefore I decided to pass on the 3 Good Things L But no worries for I’ve three today!

1/ I read some of my old poems of which I’ve written over the years .Tis always nice for a look back at tales ,emotions and perspectives from the past.

2/I’m considering doing a masters . I may not do one but the thought excites me a little bit.

3/I asked friends what have they achieved in their life that their now proud of? Then they returned the question…and I stuttered and said ‘’nothing’ ’then I realised I was wrong! I actually have achieved a few things

1: I got really really sick in my fourth year of college…but I’m back for second go and hopefully even with problems I’ll get that degree!

2: I’ve been editor of the College Magazine. I’ve had articles in local papers, magazines and online.

3) Finally I’ve done good charity work within the college and very often donate. For instance I organised a fundraiser for a local Care for Animals centre.

So there are some things that I should be proud of ! Of course hopefully there will be in my life a lot lot more.


So that’s Today Follow me @SirChrisDaRebel



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