3 Things I Liked About Today

Day 3  of 3 Thing I liked About Today….I shall do for 26 days maybe (Guess My Age?……)

Okay well then  Chris what’s the 3 Things you (I mean me)  liked about today? …Note to self stop talking internally to self.

1/ I’ve had a happy amount of Likes on my blog today.What’s a happy amount? Well its a secret amount that I’m happy about. Thanks WordPress Amigos 🙂

2/  I bought a new hat that makes my head Warm and Cosy and all that !

3/ I looked at pictures and funny vids that I had taken on my phone over the last few days. They  brought a smile and a giggle here and there.

Wells that my three things I liked today. Sure maybe tell me three things you liked about today?

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