3 Things I Liked About Today

Well here’s  one of my new ideas for  2014 2015 .Kind of a late new years resolution. Every day to create remember the good moments of the day…3 good moments to be exact (oh I can see  this being rather testing some days)

Here’s the 3 good moments of today.

1/Am…well, I won a few bob in the bookies ( I’m sure I’ll donate it again soon ..oh and the Bob I used here stands for money or mula as I like to also call it.

2/ I believe I had a every healthy dins dins or I believe know in Civilisation today as  dinner. It was what I believe was a Mediterranean Tuna and pasta dish.

3/ Definite highlight of the day : I was in the Cinema and  the most dramatic cinematic event I have ever seen happened. One of my friends ,Michelle, decided to somersault  backwards down a row of cinema seats….oh it was magical and hilarious event .Oh and don’t worry she survived the event and even LoL-ed a bit too.

Well that’s the good parts of January 9th 2015.

Yes tis the little things that make contempt.

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