A day which changed my life….Forever

It was exactly one year ago that I was driven from Carlow to Waterford Regional Hospital by my Aunt Margaret. That night would be the second time which my life would be changed indefinitely. The first night was the night in which my mother died in a tragic car accident on Halloween night.

While I expected to return back to my student residence that night, I would soon learn that I was very much wrong.  After I was checked into A&E they did the routine checks and then I had what I believe was a CT scan. What that would discover a large Brain Tumour. When I heard the news I could not take it in. I would suppose that I was so shocked that at the time I just couldn’t accept this. Furthermore I couldn’t understand the situation which I then found myself in.  was 25 year old, a final year English and history student, the timing just wasn’t right . I couldn’t accept it.So there I was with my aunt and cousin Gemma, waiting for a bed in the hospital on what seemed for me like D-day.

What I discovered from this cancer, which I fight every day, is that if you don’t feel okay or you feel that something is wrong then go  hospital or your local doctor if you trust them. Always get things checked out! And if you think a doctor may be wrong when they give their opinion than tell them what you think! Remember that everyone can be sometimes wrong. Finally when they ask you how you feel? Don’t say ‘’am I’m not that bad ‘’ because that is one mistake I made way too often.

So Friday, December 6th 2013, the night in which my nightmare was  truly reality.


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