26…..When I start to feel just a little over the hill.

You would know it’s been a while since I did stop off here and say Hello and ask the peeps of the WordPress World how are yas? For When I tried to re-enter I was to discover that my password had escaped my mind…always a hard moment! Anyways, Do I hear you ask where have I been? (I’m in a library, my college library so it’s unlikely that I did actually hear that…but you get what I’m trying to say). Well the reason is that Chris, that would be me, has been so so…eh so busy lately that I simply was unable to offer the world my, not so wise, wisdom. Why am I busy? Because, as I may have mentioned here before, I’ve ventured back to Carlow College, Hoping to finally finish my frigging degree. So I’ve become a regular in this library trying to sort out my degree. However, at this moment my mind is too sleepy to study so WordPress you have me!

I suppose the reason I am lacking energy this evening is that I ventured out into the Carlow Nightlife last night. For I was seeking the bants and da Craic like and maybe a dance (Nightclub dancing ,which in Carlow I would define as just bopping up and down and frequent hand waving) to mostly pretty shizzy Nightclub music and off course to scramble on any gossip / mortification that may transpire during the night.

Well was there any mortification! Not in our group but I’m sure there was in Foundry (The Club which the students of Carlow frequent). Was it a boring night? Eh Emm no…I don’t think so. Well then was it was a good night…Oh em ah eh…I suppose the truth and correct answer would be No. So in short the night was okay….but I’m starting to think that now that I’m in my mid-twenties that I’ve lost my love of nightclubs and maybe fail to see the appeal that was there back in the good old days of my early twenties. Then again it may be just that I’m fed up of the very predictable nightlife scene of Carlow.

Honesty I hope it’s the latter, with a bit of luck the next night will …..Reignite the awesomeness of a good night out and on my walk home at 2am ….I’ll roar out (In my mind) What a F*$k8nG night!

Song I would like devote to Old me


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