Three Tremendous Things

It has been a while but your hero is back….and guess what I’m doing (…You may guess from the title), the always terrific and enriched with sarcasm, Three Tremendous Things.

 A Page Turner

I recently read my first Terry Pratchett book and I must say I am indeed quite ashamed that I did not find him earlier. The book I discovered recently by Mr Pratchett was Dodger. The story is set in 19th century London and the leading character Dodger who is a young adult who is sort of menace. He lives by the guides of law. But that is the law that he has determined and defined himself. He is most definitely not perfect although in reality, let’s be honest, who is? He is tosher…I shall not define this, however, I would recommend a quick google of this occupation, as it does not sound so elegant. Anyhow this no review, it just recommendation of a book by one the best fantasy writers around Terry Pratchett .So if you’re looking for something to read check out the Dodger

PS. And Charles Dickens features!


Number One in Music Charts 25 years ago today was….

It was a get up and dance tune from Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers called Swing the Mood that was the big hit 25 years ago today.

An Inspirational Quote

‘’Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.’’

A wonderful quote from Maya Angelou

Oh and finally any one who would wish to question the fact that I’m their hero can contact me through Twitter @SirChrisDaRebel




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