Disagree Dude

Did I ever mention sometimes I like to disagree…a lot of the time for no reason.

You see people tend not to notice when somebody is just in the mood to draw their sword and win the battle of nonsense! You see the moody battler,.if like the writer here, may make up fictional facts and only the clever can beat that!

Naturally, if you’re unlike me you may not understand the brains of the disagree dude! Oh how  some fools not understand! Nonetheless  us Disagree dudes sometimes  meet or match, who  have something very dangerous ,which only the foolish have, they  have an Enormous ego. When the Disagree dudes  meet the Ego eejits  there is the great battle,for the Disagree dude seeks to take a sharp pin to their rivals inflated ego and burst their bubble.

Nevertheless, the disagree dude may know that he may never win for one simple reason….their incorrect. Therefore of course in time we will  give in ….eh no, the Disagree Dude may not win but we do never give in…first! In addition, every man or women whom is a disagree dude or dudette, dreams of the day  when fiction beats fact.

So finally, if you battle us be kind , like…maybe even give in and  say to us ‘you could be right’ then  you shall  realise how hearing  that is Disagree Dudes only weakness. As then ,with a smile, we may say ‘No I do think you’re right after all’. Which  is why we are wiser than the  Ego eejits, for we do know we are fools!

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