War :The Horror of This World

Is it a dream that in the future the term war would only be found in history classes or maybe a word where the meaning would have found in a dictionary. However, since the beginning of time war has seemed a feature event of human life and hence the bloody wars that fill our books of history. Nevertheless we haven’t seemed   have learned little from our tragic past and peace is starting  to look extinct, that’s if it ever existed. Media so often seeks to determine who is wrong and define  the baddy  from the goody, because  Hollywood films  have led us to believe  there is always  a good vs evil battle. However, there sometimes is no good.

What is the Cause of Such Man Made Disasters?

Wars seemed to be so often disguised around religion. I understand that different religions can  develop great disagreements .However, would it be not be your God whom should judge these disagreements and not humanity. Nevertheless if an ethnic group is outnumbered, they tend to be mistreated and abused; surely of that, no God would approve. Nevertheless these battles between religions rage on, for we can just have to look at Iraq at the moment. Where   battles continue between Shi’ite and Sunni.

However, how often through history has religion been used by rulers and those of power to deem there decisions of warfare as the correct ones. Such as both law and politics, religion can be used to defend the oppressed and to oppress the defenceless. The power hungry can use religion as a powerful motivator .Therefore in such hands, as opposed to the altruistic and virtuous, religion can be used remarkably differently. Plus, Stalin of the Soviet Union and Mao’s china, of the 20th  century  did not need God as an excuse to commit genocide against the states their own people.

In conclusion, I feel Religion is a factor of war. Nonetheless, the question is how big of factor it is? Wars can occur in the pursuits of profits and power, or waged for territory or tribal supremacy. Therefore I feel that religion is not the major fact in the tragedy of humanity that is war. Finally, there is millions of the people of this planet whom I feel could be rescued by the immeasurable amount of money that is  spent on  warfare. Have we all in this world not got more important battles, such as research of incurable terminal diseases or the poverty of world? Without war this beautiful planet which we were lucky to grace world definitely still have enough problems. Inhumane problems such as crime, violence, and torture that civilians every night all over the world experience.

Finally my final question is peace a dream? or will  we have miracle, someday ,will some scientists make some incredible discovery of a way of engulfing this world with peace, a cure to war. This I will probably never know.

What I do know is last month in Iraq 1,737 died due to war.


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