Lucky Number Seven

I roll the dice,

You say think twice,

it’s my life in the vice.

Wish days could be better and the nightmares not so clever,

however, this is forever.

My existence is on the line.

Don’t want to hear your voice

for this is my choice

not taking any advice.


Oh I should think of all that I got,

That’s exactly what?

Have they forgot,

the fall, how I lost it all.

I waited for the call

Fear of the fall,

hero to ground zero

once nobody then somebody.


You say it’s not all bad.

Sorry maybe I’m just mad,

sometimes sad.

For when I check my reflection, I see

The opposite to perfection

always awaits rejection.


Hear your words and they cut me like swords

see she screamed ‘have you thought maybe I need you?’

Answer I did not, but no trigger was ever pulled.



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