What would you do? Would you be a giver?

If somebody sticks out the hand and asked ‘I need 9 euro for a bus home? ’ Would your heart lend a few euro or would you say ‘eh sorry I haven’t got….anything’ which was what the writer here answered. Then I realised why I’m a bad liar! The guilt trip kicked in and most definitely did what it loves to do … it threw questions at me such as…

 What if that guy was honest?’ Did he look honest?  He didn’t appear dishonest.

 Did he appear to be a thief, Conman or druggie? Emm no but …no and he didn’t even Smell of Alcohol .You see I’m unfortunately very judgmental.

His voice was very low too…actually when he spoke he sounded kind of embarrassed.’

Maybe somebody else will give him funds? Hopefully, but damn it the last buses are close to leaving.

I should have helped!

 Oh yes the guilt had truly walloped me…in the Balls. So I needed to clear my conscience. Therefore I decided to turn back into the bus station. Hoping, the stranger, now known in my head as a friend in need, would be still be looking for a giver. Damn it, I’d be the hero. He’d be doing me a favour because my sensitive Ego is going to feel good when  I find  him. However, I didn’t find  him…I guess I’m no hero.

I was also driven to give and trust because a friend of mine had only told me the day before of an honourable story of how she had paid for Child’s bus fare when the child’s dad couldn’t afford it. Nevertheless I feel one could be a sensible decliner or foolish giver or of course vice versa.

What would you have done?


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