The Perfect Personality (Which sadly even I don’t have)

Some of the attributes which I feel are essential in having the perfect personality.

Someone of the perfect personality…

Would always give yet sometimes they’d take for they would understand the feeling of goodness  the giver may seek.

They’d ask somebody ‘ how are you?’ And then listen to their answer.

Would see, however, would never judge.

They’d offer a hand; nevertheless, the perfect personality would never pull.

Would share their fun.

They’d forgive and more importantly forget.

Would know the meaning of a smile is known worldwide.Words can’t express everything.

They’d be so honest, their words would be as true as their thoughts.

Could be silent; nevertheless, have the wisdom to know when to speak.

Would not believe in the word Race for to them we are just one.

They’d listen, leading to the true meaning being always heard.

Could be confident,However never cocky.

Would not Judge on clothing, accent, age or appearance and would believe in only one class.

They’d have a life that does flow for they build no damns.

Could see a sorry without hearing an apology.

Would have an Ego that never gazes up nor looks down.

They’d have no mirrors for to them beauty is heard, touched and discovered.

Would never believe they had the perfect personality.

People with all these qualities are very rare and may not even exist!

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