Cancer Killing Recipe

Some days I wonder off, I ponder how I come across some things…..than I realize there must be more than meets the eye !

cancer killing recipe



When I was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago, at first I was sure, I’m going to die soon.

And I ask myself: “How this all happen?”  And the answer was very simple: “To much stress and bad diet”.

So, I knew right there, that with the doctors help, healthy diet and less stress I should be able to beat this awful disease. And from that day on I started reading about cancer, searching for healthy foods, cooking my healthy soups and drinking “Ensure”.

During my treatment: 8 weeks (5 times a week radiation and once a week chemo) I was able to keep my steady weight (+, – 3 LBS). I spend most of my days trying to figure out which food is healthier, what I can swallow, and most important, what I can keep in my stomach.

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