The Best One Hit Wonders

They came, they saw, they conquered… and then disappeared.

Many artists only enjoy 15 minutes of fame; although lately reality TV has acted as a life support to many a one hit wonder! So here’s a list of the missing…last seen at the top of the charts!

Eiffel 65 –Blue (da ba dee)
This was the catchy dance song of 2001.The dance track would be the only major hit from Eiffel 65. There are many theories about the meaning behind the lyrics, a common theory is that lyrics sound like ‘’I’m Blue, I OD and died’ however it is most likely that there is no meaning to the song at all.

Las Ketchup-The Ketchup Song
Its 10 years since the sassy Spanish sister trio, Las Ketchup, released this saucy number that reached number 1 in 27 countries. Unless fluent in Spanish, it’s hard to know what the lyrics mean and it’s questionable that the song has any relation to ketchup…although the video was quite tasty!

Nizlopi- JCB Song
Nizlopi were together as a band for over 17 years, going their separate ways in 2010.Sadly they would only have the one big hit, the JCB Song, which bulldozed its way to the top of the charts in 2006.

The Calling-Wherever You Will Go
This monster hit from 2002 was the emotional debut single from L.A. rockers, The Calling . Their follow up material surprisingly failed to have any major impact on the charts, leading to the band going their separate ways in 2005.

Lou Bega-Mambo No.5 (A little bit of)
For a little while during the summer of 1999 everybody went a little Latino, due to Lou Bega’s Mambo No.5. German artist Bega is still releasing music; however it will always be Mambo No. 5 he’s remembered for .

Daniel Powter – Bad Day
The song that we could all relate too, was from Canadian artist Daniel Powter. Bad Day was the biggest song of 2006, spending five weeks at the top the U.S. Charts. Powter has not had a hit since. Yet there’s still hope; one wouldn’t totally rule out there being another hit from beanie hat lover, he’s just had a couple of bad days!

Six- A Whole Lot of Loving
Long before X factor and Pop Idol, in a far away land, there was Pop stars. The singing competition was Irelands first real taste of reality TV. It would engulf the nation in 2002 and so did the winners Six….for a couple of weeks. After impressive sales of their debut single, A Whole Lot of Loving, the band would simply disappear from the charts after the release of their second single, Let Me Be The One and were soon being dropped by their record company.

Eamon-Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back)
Eamon released this expletive fuelled hit in 2003. The RnB singer’s only successful entry in the charts also entered the Guinness World Records Books for the most expletives in a #1 song, with 33. Guess if somebody had suggested that he would have only been a one hit wonder; Eamon would have politely told them to F**K OFF.

Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out?
In 2000 Baha Men, asked the question that has puzzled philosophers for centuries, who let the dogs out? They also managed to make it a worldwide hit. U.K. Rolling Stones conducted a poll to find out the top 20 most annoying songs and Who Let The Dogs Out? came in 3rd place, do you agree?

Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom
This catchy song debuted in August of 2003 and quickly claimed the title of “Most Downloaded Song” on iTunes. The video would also prove popular, no doubt partly due to the appearance of model Rachel Hunter as Stacy’s Mom in the video.



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