A Wee Biteen Of Irish Slang


I love this word. It’s like something ya say while eating and just after hearing good news! You slur the word out with a half full mouth of traditional Irish Cabbage which  is …savage!


Down in Cork (where this ambitious your fool author is from)he’d be known as a Langer! Cork Slang that means you’re a fool but you’re usually  a friendly fool.

We even made a bit of Ceol (Irish for Music) about this slang word.                                                         Check it out here http://youtu.be/1m9SsNxbZxM

Having the Craic

It’s not snorting any illegal substance  its pretty much when your just having fun.

The Jacks

Where you   open the pipes and pass the bodily fluids.Yup the Jacks aka Toilets.


Give me that Yoke…It’s a name for anything that ya can’t remember the name of.

The Big Smoke

Means the  big city  and therefore usually  refers  to  Dublin.


 A Jackeen is somebody from the Big Smoke as in Dublin

Drain the Spuds

You’re on beer and ya need to head to the Jacks.

Would ya be well

Usually used to describe the  questionable actions  of someone.


A beautifully shortened version of come here


Can mean broken however may be used to describe somebody who seriously hung over or just extremely tired.


Drunk .Nevertheless  usually a good drunk  no  harm. The person is just  having the craic


Rural person. Whom may rarely see the Big Smoke.

I Will Ya

This a sarcastic ya which really means a definite no!


Mostly used by  Jackeens .Who are basically asking do ya agreeL


Casually thrown onto the end of  a sentences .  Example  God that weathers bad like.

Hup Ya Boya

Usually it’s a cheer of encouragement and support. Delivered by all Irish cause no kidding we’re a grand bunch.


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