Seven Things I Like About Me

Okay at first to the reader of this piece it may seem a little egotistical and maybe believe me to be vane. However that’s not the way at all. To be honest, I wish it was a celebration of Chris (my real name) but its most definitely not. Truly it’s a tricky task as my self-esteem is most definitely not in the Premier league. Example of this was me in school, there I often knew the answers to the teachers questions but hell no did I raise my hand. So today I’m going to be brave and raise my head and Smile and somehow, hopefully finds seven things I like about ME!

7/ I’m tough and I don’t mean strong, but have faced some tough things in life and I’m proud of the way I handled them situations…Like for Example last year I spent Christmas in Hospital…but as the Song goes when the going gets tough I may not get going quickly but I will get going!

6/ I laugh a lot and I love that. Love to laugh and I even loved to be laughed at. Sometimes I even make silly humorous mistakes ….on purpose.

5/Honest. So honest that I won’t say I’m totally honest, there is the occasional creative truth (now that is a nice description of the truth) .

4/ Loyalty, I’m pretty loyal!

3/ Promises- If a promise is made I will tend to give everything I have to keep it.

2/ I can admit my faults .Like I’m not the best with grammar, I haven’t the best memory and ya’ll might as well know I’d be lost without spellcheck.

1) Love against the odds, I’m a believe in the underdog. All through my life I’ve been a fan of underdogs be it in football or anything .An example of this is as a kid, I supported not Man Utd not Liverpool but Charlton Athletic. For I believe that one should give everyone a shot. We are capable of anything and every so often the underdog comes true and so sometimes dreams can become reality. Furthermore I believe in the power of motivation. Never give up!

Looking back, this may have been a little celebration of me….but hey I’m extraordinary just like everybody else.

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Looking back, this may have been a little celebration of me….but hey I’m extraordinary just like everybody else.


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